Arthritis is the umbrella term for more than 100 conditions that cause swelling or inflammation of the joints. Ankle arthritis is one of them, in which the cartilage in the ankle joint – which connects the leg bones (tibia and fibula) to the foot bones (talus) – becomes damaged or worn out.

Ankle Arthritis in Singapore

It is commonly characterized by symptoms such as:

  • pain and tenderness when moving, touching or putting weight on the ankle
  • persistent pain in the ankle joint, even when sitting or sleeping
  • swelling or redness in the ankle
  • joint stiffness or warmth
  • limited range of motion in the ankle
  • difficulty walking or moving the foot

Depending on the symptoms presented and the severity, ankle arthritis in Singapore may be addressed with medications, physiotherapy or surgery.

What are the causes of Ankle Arthritis?

What are the types of Ankle Arthritis?

How is Ankle Arthritis diagnosed?

How is Ankle Arthritis treated?

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